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In Thai “Sabai” means harmony, and when you enter either one of the three locations of Sabai Thai Spa, you will certainly understand why they’ve chosen their name.


This boutique spa specializes in traditional Thai treatments and has three locations in North Vancouver, Coal Harbour, and the most recent location, West Vancouver,  opened in May 2011.


The owner, Neata Goutier, grew up in Thailand and was taught the art of Thai massage from one of the oldest healers in Thailand, at the young age of twelve.  She is also trained in Thai yoga. Her sister Nisita Auttapoung joined her in Canada to run the West Vancouver location and has gone through similar intense training.


Sabai Thai uses all natural products including Eminence Organics, Spa Ritual, Macadamia Natural Oil and Langley’s own Tuscan Farm Gardens creations in all their treatments, leaving your skin irritation free.


This spa specializing in Thai massage, an ancient form of massage where the client lays on a floor mat and the instructor gently stretches joints and muscles and uses pressure points to loosen up the body. They also offer herb compress massage, white clay body wraps and the Sabai Thai Signature Facial that I recently had the pleasure of receiving.


Sabai Thai Signature Facial

“Detoxifying Thai white clay and organic herbs and honey are combined in a steamed herbal compress and applied with a deep, rhythmic motion to the face, neck and shoulders to increase circulation, soften the complexion, and minimize signs of fatigue, dehydration, and aging.” Pricing is 60 minutes – $119; 90 minutes – $149



From the moment I walked into the spa I felt a sense of calm.  The Thai-styled room filled with statues and art, pleasant herbal aromas, soft music and attentive service all contributed to this sensation.



After disrobing, slipping under the blanket and settling comfortably into my treatment bed, Ms. Auttapong entered the room and described the steps we would go through.


Clean – deep clean and anti bacteria treatment – coconut scent
Exfoliate – removing dirt oil and skin
Apply Mask – for repair and anti-aging
Massage – lymphatic draining


Application of the Herbal Ball filled with tumeric, ginger, cumin, plai and lemongrass and steamed for detox and revitalization
Nourishing moisturizer


The most unique and relaxing sensation was that of the Herbal Ball application.  As the ball touches various parts of your face and shoulders, you inhale the aromas and feel a general sense of cleansing, both mentally and physically.



After the treatment I was instructed to drink a lot of water for the day to flush out the toxins and was serves a pot of herbal tea from a traditional Thai tea set while I slowly awakened and emerged back into the real world.


If you go, make sure to take some time out to enjoy the after affects. I recommend going for a healthy lunch or taking the afternoon off for a long walk or yoga session to fully absorb the healing powers.


I left vowing to return when time permitted for the full Thai Massage.


Coal Harbour
Sabai Thai Spa Downtown Vancouver (604) 568-6227
571 Cardero St. Vancouver, BC V6G 3L2


North Vancouver
Sabai Thai Spa North Vancouver (604) 985-8896
987 Marine Drive. North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S4


West Vancouver
Sabai Thai Spa North Vancouver (604) 925-1074
1867 Marine Drive. West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J7

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