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Apart from celebrating Father’s and Mother’s Day differently from the rest of the world, there’s also another important occasion that Thai people celebrate differently; it is Children’s Day. Learn more about Thai Children’s Day and how we celebrate it in Thailand below!

National Children’s Day in Thailand meets the second Saturday of January every year. Is a public holiday and is not compensated in the next working day . The motto is Children’s Day every year by the Prime Minister of Thailand . Children’s Day was first started on October 3, 1955 was designated the first Monday of October. The National Children’s Day Until the year 1963 has approved the National Children’s Day is the second Saturday of January. Children’s Day started in the year 1966 onwards.

This year Children’s Day will be held on Saturday 11st January and Activities that follow the National Children’s Day . Are all in the same purpose is to make children aware of the value role. And the importance of self- By participating in various activities held in village schools or agencies, both public and privately held . It can be seen that all residents will have plenty of candy.

The invitation because we are greeting the children. A privileged children all roads open space for the children . Or do activities together In each community, to children Atmosphere for children, music for kids, kids gift , etc.

Children’s Day 2014 slogan – Yingluck Shinawatra – Grateful serves as a good discipline firmly establish Thailand.

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