warm up before working out


In general, working out is very good for you as it keeps you healthy but active and fresh as well. Working out improves your health, makes your muscles strong, and overall you gain a lot of strength and endurance.

The existence of coronavirus took a toll on everyone’s daily lives; it stopped pretty much everyone in their tracks. Everything became online in only an instance, all the offices, schools, universities, everything. People who were determined to live a healthy life couldn’t enter the gyms; they couldn’t work out as working out was their favorite part of the day, but it became impossible for them.

Staying at home changed everything for us, and people who were outgoing became a source of depression; staying all the time away from social gatherings, as for some people going out was the only way for them to drag or distract themselves from their mental illnesses. This is why working out is essential for a good and healthy lifestyle because exercise can improve your mood and decrease your feelings of depressions, stress, and anxiety. Working out brings an immense change in the parts of the brain that regulates depression.

Because of quarantining for so long and the worldly situation, the level of depression has increased worldwide, and worked out is the easiest escape from your fears which can easily be done at home with these ten exercises we are going to introduce to you.

It is important to warm up before working out because it raises the body temperature and increases blood flow to your muscles that lessens the amount of soreness you might face after a workout, and lessens the chances of an injury or getting your muscles pulled because of working out. Always make sure to warm up before working out just to stay on the safe side of things.


Following are the ten no-equipment exercises that can easily be done at home.

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises that can easily be done at home without the use of any kind of equipment. Push-ups are effective if you want to tone down your arms or even if you are looking to lose some weight; push-ups work amazingly for that as well. It’s hard at first because you are carrying the weight of your entire body on your too arms, and at first, it might seem impossible for you, but as time pass you’ll eventually be able to hold out and see a definite change in yourself too.

You start out with a high plant position with your hands laying flat on the ground, lower your chest towards the floor, then take it back into its original place and repeat the process until you meet your goal.

Push-ups Exercise

2. Air Swimming

Air swimming is for your back, legs, and arms; this exercise works out your back muscles and arms as well. This workout is very effective in preventing back pains and works well for you to correct your posture. Bad posture is something everyone has had to deal with and the pain that comes with it; this exercise helps ton your back muscles and arm muscles, and it also fixes your back pain that you get from bad posture with time.

For this work out you have to lay flat on your abdomen and slowly work your arms as if you are swimming. You have to work alternative legs and arms each time and then keep repeating it. You should move your arms and legs in a slightly upwards motion and keep repeating until you reach your goal.

Air Swimming Exercise

3. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are one of the core exercises for your stomach and abdomen. It maintains your upper body strength and increases it with the passage of time. Sit-ups work your stomach and also helps you lose belly fat. People who have no upper body strength need to start doing sit-ups.

You need to lay flat on the ground for this exercise and lift your legs, staying on the ground so only your knees are up. You need to put your arms across your chest and lift your upper body up to meet your knees and then lower it back to the ground. Repeat the process until you reach your goal.


4. Leg Lifts

This exercise works your legs and abs. It strengthens your lower body and helps you lose weight because it affects the legs immensely and shows results very fast.

For this particular exercise, you need to lay down flat and raise both of your legs in an upwards direction as high as you can and then lower it down and keep repeating the same action until you reach your goal.

Leg Lifts exercise

5. Ab Bikes

This exercise works your entire body, and its effects depend on the pace you’re doing this exercise at; if you do it fast, then your calory burning will be fast as well. It’s a very good exercise if you aim to tone your entire body; it’s useful.

For this exercise, you have to lay flat on the ground and hold both of your arms behind your head. You have to start bicycling your legs and reach alternative elbows with your knees. This exercise will do wonders for your abs as well, as it continually twists your torso, working your abs in a good way.

Ab Bikes Exercise

6. Glute Bridge

This is a great exercise for your back and hips. All you have to do is lay down and bring your knees up with your feet still placed on the ground. Then you have to gently lifts your body from the ground and take it as high as you can and then lower it back to the ground after 1-2 seconds and then repeat the same move until you reach your goal.

Glute Bridge workout

7. One Leg Triceps Dip

This exercise works most of your body. For this exercise, you have to place your feet and palm on the ground, and your face should face the ceiling and hold your body up and slowly lower your hips and raise one foot, then raise your body again and raise the other foot ad repeat until you reach your desired goal. Make sure to fix your posture as it’s crucial for all the workouts you do or face an injury.

One Leg Triceps Dip Exercise

8. Lunges

Lunges are easy to do and very effective at the same time. Lunges are a good workout for your legs and hips; it helps you to keep maintain a good posture overall.

Lunges is an exercise that works wonders for your legs if you want to tone them or lose weight. It is much like walking, but a little harder than that, all you have to do is take one big step forwards and with that, take your hips as low as you can and then repeat the same action with your other leg as well. When making lunges, you must hold each leg in that position for at least 5 seconds and then move to your next leg.

Lunges exercise

9. Arm Circles

This exercise is just for your arms. It can do wonders for people who have bulky arms and want to get rid of the excess fat on their arms. It can easily be done, it requires a lot of effort if you don’t have enough upper body strength, but then again, you can still succeed at it and build your strength and stamina with time.

For this exercise, you just have to either stand or sit, whatever suits you. Then extend your arms to your sides and start rotating them in a clockwise direction first for at least 50 times and then anti-clockwise another 50 times, and you’re done.

Arm Circles Exercise

10. Burpee

This exercise is an allrounder; it is the most effective workout for the entire body. It can help you lose weight if that’s what you’re aiming for, starting from your arms to your stomach and legs; this exercise works every muscle.

You have to stand and go into a lower squat position for this exercise and place your palms on the ground as you into a squat position. Then by putting pressure on your arms, push your legs back and hold a plank position, then jump forward, resulting in a lower squat position and then stand again and jump and repeat the entire process again. This exercise is tough, especially if you’re a beginner, but it is very effective.

Burpee workout


So if you’re struggling because of quarantine and unable to go to the gym or generally want to start working out without the use of heavy gym equipment, then these workouts are perfect for kicking start your journey. They are easy and accessible to you as well. Do with these easy workouts without equipment and see the difference you can achieve easily without the need for going to the gym.


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