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The summer breeze is almost here — and this only means one thing: that is, it’s time to go to the beach! Because going to the beach does not only mean fun and excitement, but also a time to show off our beautiful body as well, it is really essential to ensure that we are well-trimmed and we have shed off some fats we have stored over the winter! Here are some healthy beach body tips you may want to check out before summer is here!

1. Reduce your calorie intake

Eating a lot of high calorie diet over the winter can be a good idea as we need to store up some calorie to make ourselves warm. However, it’s not such a good idea to get into the habit especially when you want to shed off some of your excess in the Summer! Meanwhile to reduce your calorie intake does not only mean eating less but also eating the right thing. From time to time, you may allow a piece of chocolate, but just be cautious not to do it too often! In fact, you could easily lose 5-7 lbs in a month by simply reducing your calories.

2. Press-ups

Press-ups might be old school, but they are great at toning the upper body and core. Meanwhile, it also helps with the arms and six-packs muscles to look firm and strong. Aim to do 30-50 a day for a month and you’ll look nice for the beach.

3. Run

The best exercise to burn calories is running. Nothing feels better than letting the wind blow right into your face while going high speed on your feet. If you can fit in a 30-45 min run 3-4 times a week you could burn up to 10,000 calories in the month leading up to your holiday.

4. Limit alcohol

Do you know that a bottle of wine contains just over 600 calories and a pint of beer contains just over 150 calories. Cutting them out for a month before you go on holiday can lead to significant weight loss.

5. Suck in your stomach

By simply sucking in your belly button regularly throughout the day, you can tone the deep stomach muscles which help to flatten your stomach. This easy tip is obviously worth a try!

6. Jump squats

Squatting low then bursting up into a jump is a fantastic exercise to burn calories and tone your legs and bottom. For real results, do this exercise for 60 seconds and then follow it with 60 seconds of sit-ups. Repeat five times.

7. Drink water

Did you know the body often confuses thirst for hunger? Subsequently, drinking plenty of water can quench your hunger and therefore stop you eating as much.

8. Take the stairs

Stairs are great at toning the legs and the bottom, so for the next month make sure you take the stairs whenever you can. If time permits, go up and down them two or three times to make the most of your leg and glute toning opportunity.

9. Sit-ups

Good old-fashioned sit-ups can help tone your abs if you’re lucky enough to carry very little abdominal fat. Aim to do 50 a day in the run up to your holiday and you’ll look better than ever.

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