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Last month, we talked about body cleansing via food. This month, we will stick with body cleansing.

However, this time, it is not through diet but an easy thing that you can do at home called Dry Brushing, a technique that is used to improve the circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and bring back a healthy-looking skin.

Let’s have a look below and learn how to dry brush yourself at home.


  1. Start off with a natural bristle brush or loofah. Look for boar bristles or fibers from plants, synthetic bristles can be too harsh and cause irritation. One that either fits in the palm of your hand or has a shorter handle which will give you more control. It is best to go into a store and feel the bristles so that you can find bristles that best suits your taste.
  2. Start with your feet, moving in soft circular movements (always moving towards the heart) first on the bottom of the feet, and then on the top.
  3. Work up each leg, one at a time, first the back of the leg (using the same soft circular, always towards the heart, movements) up through the buttock and then the front of the leg. Avoid any delicate skin, like the skin on the insides of the thighs.
  4. After you are finished with the lower half, start at the fingertips of one arm; move up the arm (palms of hands, back of hands, forearm, biscep) and towards the heart. Repeat on other arm.
  5. Move to the back (this is where a short handled brush may come in handy) working your movements towards your stomach, starting and finishing with one side of the back and then the other.
  6. When you get to your stomach, start at your lower abdomen and work your way up (make sure to steer clear of delicate areas like the nipples) and end at your chest in an upward stroke.
  7. Rinse off and shower as normal.


  • Avoid the face! While dry brushing is excellent for exfoliating skin, this body brush will be too rough for the delicate skin on your face.
  • It’s sometimes best to dry brush in the shower (with the water off) since there may be a lot of dead skin brushed off.
  • Try using a natural and healthier body soap (like those containing natural peppermint or tea tree oil) since the pores in your skin are open and clear.
  • However, It isn’t necessary to use soap to wash up in the shower or bath after dry brushing; your skin is as clean as it can be.


Now that you know about Dry Brushing, it is time to try it yourself and don’t forget to let us know how it works out for you!


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