Fall Seasons

The beauty of a well organized life is the extra time you have to enjoy yourself.

It might seem like a small thing, but those extra moments you spend looking for things, re organizing clutter and rifling through your clothes closet weigh on your mind and cause undue stress.

Here are five small steps towards simplifying your everyday life:

1. Have a place where you leave essentials like your phone, keys and wallet. They will always be ready to grab as long as you put them in the same place

2. Getting rid of unworn clothes: hang all the clothing in your closet with the hook of the hanger facing you. As you wear an item and return to your closet, turn the hanger the other way. In six months, all hangers still facing the original way get donated to charity.

3. If you have children, prep snacks well in advance. Cut up large amounts of healthy vegetables and store in individually marked Ziploc bags or storage containers in the fridge. There will always be healthy snacks instantly available!

4. Keep a discrete garbage bag in your car. Put all garbage in it as you accumulate it.

5. Invest in a coffee maker with a timer so your fresh cup of coffee will be ready to go when you wake up.


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