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When we think about physical self-care, we can find our selves asking many questions like: Am I eating right? Am I exercising on a regular basis? Am I sleeping enough? Our bodies are constantly talking to us–But are we too busy to listen? How often do you find yourself experiencing something new or different with your body and act on it? If you say “not often” to this question, you might want to take some more time to pause and reflect on the changes that are happening to your body. As we get older, we tend to forget the simple and crucial fact that the changes in our bodies can be our “turning points”.

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How Can We Listen to Our Body with a Full Agenda?

Many of us live with a full agenda so it can become hard to find a balance between work, family, relationships, wellness, etc… And trust me, I know it’s not easy! Did you know that one in four American adults sits for longer than eight hours every day? While many of us find ourselves working all day to earn money, at the same time, we are also neglecting our health and body needs. Working hard may help you achieve goals, pay bills, and keep you out of debt, but it may also be setting you up for some trouble in the future–health problems.

Overworking can reduce your level of fitness, which can be tremendous havoc to your diet, and put stress on your mind and body. Here are just a small list of problems that can occur as a result of working hard, but hardly playing:

Poor circulation

Increased weight

Heart problems

Higher cholesterol levels

Lack of energy

Poor sleep

Lost of focus and concentrations

Anxiety or nervous conditions


and so on

The key to balance is to create healthy habits and routines, as well as learning to identify when to take a break and listen to our bodies. Do you have a hard time creating or changing a habit? Check out the 21/90 Days Rule Blog here to help you get started on creating positive and life-changing habits that will last forever! If you are reading this because you are trying to relieve stress or you are trying to find a way to improve your health and wellness, try making a list, get organized, and focus on what matters!

Quotes about body

Start By Making Time

Remember to take some time for yourself! No matter how stressed or busy you are, you can always make time for yourself and your loved ones as long as you set it as a priority. Often time we tend to decline invitations to go to birthday parties or join your friend’s yoga session because of “work.” But if you ask yourself this question: “How many opportunities do I have left to spend time with my family, friends, or myself?” You will realize that time is short and life is too precious.

“How should I spend me-time?” you ask? You can start by getting a relaxing massage! If you are in Vancouver, Sabai Thai Spa offers different kinds of massages with various benefits. Massage is a great way to listen to your body because it helps with:

Promoting blood circulation

Reducing pain and tension

Treating injuries, or improve overall posture

I highly recommend trying the RMT (Registered Massage Therapy) because of the benefits that come with meeting a highly qualified Registered Massage Therapist, who will help create optimal treatment customization to improve your health.

A registered massage therapist (RMT) in British Columbia is a health professional regulated by CMTBC under BC’s Health Professions Act.


“Remember to listen to your body “

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