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Just imagine owning a space in your house for relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Doesn’t it sound amazing to have a superior room in your house that’s only dedicated to peacetime, harmony, and your emotional wellness? A separate room where you can sit and meditate peacefully to untie all the knots of your mind and release your stresses. Having a meditation room will help you achieve all these goals.

Now, with the increasing trend of meditation rooms, everyone prefers to have one. They are becoming quite popular among everybody, and for a good reason, I believe. With the hectic and busy routine in today’s world, we have less time to dedicate our care and relaxation. But, a meditation room will give you the space to calm yourself, focus and relax. In an actual sense, you can get away from your worries for a time, just with a meditation room in your home.

Although there is no restriction of rules for making a meditation room, some steps must be followed to create a soothing and relaxing environment. We have gathered some fantastic tips and requirements needed for a meditation room, which will help you make one for your home as well. So if you have a compact space or large open room, you can quickly implement these ideas and convert the space into a room for relaxing and refreshing yourself.

Top 8 Necessities For Creating A Great Meditation Space

1. Let The Natural Light In

So, you would want to choose a room for your meditation space to make you feel relaxed. That calls for a room, which would make you smile whenever you enter it. Choosing a quiet space in your home where less noise comes in would be a perfect one. Moreover, the key to an ideal mediation room is one with a window or some door that lets in your room’s natural light. In case you live in a compact apartment or have small windows, consider sacrificing your dining room, living room for your meditation where you can get natural light. Got the guts to do that? If yes, then don’t take much time to think about it and start creating one.

Meditating in a room with natural light is more likely to improve your mood automatically. For this reason, go for a room where the sunlight will fall as the day starts or a room with breathtaking sunset scenery to appreciate while meditating.

Also, gather some creative ideas while decorating a meditation room for you. Consider a room that is not used daily and could be utilized to make the perfect meditation room in your house. In case you are out of rooms having the desired qualities, going for an outdoor setting would be perfect! It can be your deck, patio, or a garden would be best. Because you want such a place which has an ample amount of natural light coming in and making you relax your mind without any distraction.

Meditating in a room with natural light

2. Adding Scents Are The Best Part

Adding scents, specifically essential oils, will help you relax, whereas burning some herbs could cleanse the whole environment. Since scents are quite a vital tool in changing moods, considering choosing those scents makes you feel more relaxed and creates a soothing state of mind. It may be surprising that adding scents to your meditation room can improve your space’s whole atmosphere. Refreshing scents will make your body relax in a better way as compared to a room having no fragrance.

The practice of lighting candles, spreading out the mat, or burning herbs, eventually becomes a sign that you will sit silently and move your focus towards yourself. Such small acts of organizing the space for meditation also help your mind prepare for the mediation.

lighting candles, spreading out the mat

3. Bring In Nature

Nature has the secrets of healing and relaxing people, so why not add some nature in your meditation room? Though it is considered ideal to meditate by the seaside or a relaxing outdoor setting, it cannot be possible every time if you are living in an urban area. Instead, adding some beautiful indoor plants, flowers can immediately fill your room with serenity and harmony.

You can select among different kinds of plants which makes you happy. It can be a small pot of plant, branches, a vase of colorful flowers, succulents, or jars adorned with sand and seashells. It would look incredible if you added a small motor operated water foundation to create a perfect Zen atmosphere. If you want to keep your setting compact, then displaying your greens on wall shelves will look perfect.

Stylish and cozy interior of living room. Template. Minimalistic.

4. Meditative Music Will Do Its Thing

If you live in a city with a lot of noise coming into your house, then playing relaxing music while you could help get away from the noise behind. Though it isn’t necessary, playing music could be very soothing. It can also help create a distraction from disturbing the nose within your house, helping you maintain a peaceful and calm state throughout your meditation.

When choosing a piece of ideal music for background, it is suggested that choose a piece of music having no lyrics. You don’t have to stick to classical music only, but any kind of sound gives a calm feeling like ocean waves, birds singing, or the sounds of wind breeze. While choosing the sound, ensure that they are long enough which continue to play throughout your entire time of meditation because you would not want to disturb your meditation after every few minutes.

Dark silhouette of a female isolated on a pink Aura with copy space.

5. Create A Personalized Meditation Room

As you begin to create your meditation room, you would want to incorporate something of your taste. It could be your favorite object, scent, or anything which relaxes your mind and body. Adding your favorite bells, stones, chimes, and painting or decoration pieces could add up to the beauty of your mediation space. Such elements of your own choice are great for creating a tranquil and serene environment, which will help you focus only on meditation.

Remember that you certainly would not want to fill the space with different objects. For a clear and clean surrounding, it’s necessary to have an open mind. Place a few objects in your room without overcrowding it.

Stylish and cozy interior of living room. Template. Minimalistic.

6. Asana (Seat) Is Necessary

Asana refers to the cushion or a mat used solely for meditation. It is considered to be the base of energy and is your object. Our ancestors have focused upon the importance of mats made from ‘kusha grass,’ which is a kind of long and pointed grass found in Africa, Asia, and the Middle-east mostly used primarily for meditation. It is exceptionally remarkable and provides insulation physically and metaphysically. In case it’s difficult for you to sit straight for a longer time, you can get a mediation seat. Placing cushions behind your back will help you in sitting comfortably.

cushion or a mat used solely for meditation

7. Colors Can Enhance The Energy Of Your Space

While you decorate your meditation room with small objects, it is recommended that you can create a contrasting color of the walls with those decorative elements. You can also change and refresh them according to the season as well. Remember that colors play a huge role in affecting one’s mood, so make sure that you add such colors that support the meditative energy and make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Mediterranean blue living room

8. Honor Your Meditation Space

Your mediation must be similar to a temple, where you leave all your worries, stresses outside and enter it with a feeling of devotion and commitment. In this way, you will set aside your negative emotions and solely focus on purifying and energizing yourself. You will feel more relaxed and calm as you enter your meditation room. Finally, there some rules for your meditation space:

Temple Like Honor Your Meditation Space

Finally, there some rules for your meditation space:

Make sure to switch off your mobile phone before entering your mediation room, or you can leave it out of the space.

It is advisable not to eat or drink anything in your meditation space.

Request your family members not to utilize the meditation area for any kind of other busy activities.

Prevent using artificial perfumes and fragrances. Using mild and natural scents help you to calm and focus on meditation. Scents like sandalwood, loban, or lavender would be great.

Make sure that your cushions, mat, and curtains are clean. Keep your footwear outside your meditation room.


Many aspects must be taken into consideration as you start to set a meditation room. Choosing a peaceful room with no noise, incorporating nature, and adding refreshing colors are the essential points, to begin with. Start implementing what you have read here and search for the perfect place in your home. You might be amazed which room brings the exact relaxing feeling you are searching for. Sit in silence, put away every stress and worry, and open your mind to meditation’s healing influences.


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