This edible fungus has been incorporated into our diet for a long period. Upon excavation of archeological locations of Chille, thirteen thousand years old, species were considered to be using mushrooms. Mushrooms come in a wide variety, ranging from puffballs to truffles; you will find them in cheap to costly ones as well. You can purchase fresh, dried, or canned mushrooms depending upon your preference or availability in your area.

Mushrooms are not only delightful, but they are a whole package of nutrition. Many people eat mushrooms in roasted, grilled, or tossed form. Many brands have now started to introduce matcha, coffee, and hot chocolate consisting of mushrooms along with mushroom powder mixtures that you can add into your juices or smoothies as well.

Mushrooms are filled with loads of nutrients. For example, they consist of a more significant quantity of vitamin B, which strengthens you and gives you energy, and aids in restoring the damaged cells. Moreover, you will good amounts of potassium which keeps your blood pressure balanced. If mushrooms are contacted with sunlight before they are harvested, they become a rich source of vitamin D, which helps keep your heart healthy and strengthen the immune system and bones. This is important because it is not common for foods to contain vitamin D. mushrooms are also loaded with fiber and antioxidants.

Nutritional Benefits Of Mushrooms

Nutritional advantages are entirely dependent upon the kind of mushroom. As discussed earlier, let’s get a deep insight into the nutritional benefits of mushrooms.


Antioxidants help protect your body from the damage of the free radicals, which often become the cause of cancer and heart disease. They not only shield your skin from aging but also help to boost your immune system. Mushrooms have significant amounts of antioxidants known as selenium. They are considered to be an ideal source of minerals as well.

Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan is a kind of soluble edible fiber that is strongly considered to improve one’s cholesterol and to enhance its health. It also helps your body balance the blood sugar levels, which eliminates the danger of type diabetes. So, shiitake and oyster mushrooms are thought to be the most efficient beta-glucans.

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Vitamin B

Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin B, niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. This whole combination helps in protecting your heart. Also, riboflavin is useful for the red blood cells, while niacin works in keeping your digestive system and your skin healthy. Moreover, pantothenic acid is essential in the normal functioning of the nervous system and assists the body in producing the hormones it requires.


Copper is quite vital as it aids your body in generating red blood cells responsible for delivering oxygen to your entire body. It is also essential in regulating different other procedures in the body, such as preserving healthy nerves and bones. Once you cook one cup of mushrooms, they still provide you with one-third of the daily suggested quantity of copper.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms

1. Mushrooms Can Be Helpful In Fighting Cancer

A study conducted in the International Journal of Medical Mushrooms discovered the Chaga mushrooms repressed cancer tumors’ growth. For a long time, Chaga has been utilized in north European and Asian traditional medicines to treat different ailments. This fungus is found to be grown on birch trees, mostly in the northern forests of Asia, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. usually, it is similar to a black mass growing on the tree dunk because of the high levels of melanin; a natural pigment was occurring in humans which protects their skin against the ultraviolet rays coming from sunlight.

Chinese researchers explored the inhibitory function of a polysaccharide taken out from Chaga mushrooms on U251 brain tumor cells. The Chaga extract successfully inhibited the spread of those tumor cells and continued to work successfully with gradual periods along with an increased amount of using that extract.

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2. Mushrooms Are Rich In Vitamin B and D

Mushrooms are entire of the few edible sources rich in vitamin D, which usually our bodies produce when exposed to sunlight and is not often found in foods. Criminis and button mushrooms are mostly filled with vitamin D, and interestingly criminis are rich in vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for vegetarians as it is mostly comprised of animal products. B vitamins are essential as they transform food into fuel and energy needed by our body and gives us energy in return. Moreover, vitamin D is vital because it helps our body to soak up calcium and stimulate the bones’ growth.

3. Mushrooms Are Delicious

Okay, so; although mushrooms are incredibly nutritious, they are appetizing as well. Frying some mushrooms in some butter along with onions and salt is something worth trying. They can easily replace meat and are perfect for adding in curries, stews, and soups. They also help enhance the flavor of gravies and are great for maintaining g a vegan lifestyle.

The taste of mushrooms is described as ‘umami,’ which a Japanese word is having the meaning ‘pleasant savory flavor,’ which is considered the fifth taste sense. Cremini and portabella mushrooms have a meatier taste, although the taste of white buttons mushrooms enhances any dish’s taste. Also, portabella mushrooms have a meat-like texture, which the reason they are grilled on added-in buns instead of meat.

Roasted mushrooms champignons with thyme and garlic in a pan

4. Mushrooms Can Be Good For Your Heart

Mushrooms allow any meal to taste delicious instead of adding salt as they hold in glutamate ribonucleotides. These compounds give the mushrooms umami and savory taste without any danger or side effects for your heart or blood pressure. Someone with heart disease must include mushrooms in their diet as they help enhance your heart’s health. A whole bowl of mushroom has only five milligrams of sodium, just wow! Also, the mushroom can be a good alternative for red meat in different dishes, allowing you to eliminate cholesterol and fat from your meal.

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5. Reishi Mushrooms Protect Your Nervous System And The Brain

Researchers from Mexico tested the components found in reishi mushrooms to find their neuroprotective and anticonvulsant effects. This study put out in the International Journal of Medical Mushrooms discovered that mushrooms hindered seizures and lessened the degeneration configurations in the parts of the brain, making them conclude that reishi mushrooms provided reliable neuroprotective and anticonvulsant effects.

Reishi Mushrooms

6. Mushrooms Boost Your Metabolism

As your body requires vitamin B to transform carbs into glucose to provide energy and process proteins and fats, mushrooms are a great source of vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Incorporating mushrooms in your daily diet helps in boosting metabolism.

7. Mushrooms Posses Anti-Flammarion Properties

Mushrooms have a potent antioxidant known as ergothioneine, which helps to reduce inflammation in your entire body. Talking specifically about reishi mushrooms, they also possess practical ant-inflammatory effects. According to several studies, reishi mushrooms provide you with numerous health benefits like reduced inflammation, fighting diseases, suppressing allergic reactions, and inhibiting tumor growth.

What Is The Perfect Way To Prepare Mushrooms?

While you can eat mushrooms just as they are, and they might have a favorable impact on your digestion, several ways of cooking have been considered to enhance their nutritious value, mainly if you cook them in a microwave or grill them.

According to the latest research by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, they observed several types of mushrooms, particularly oysters, white button king oysters, and shiitake, with different ways they were cooked. Upon observing so, they discovered that when mushrooms are exposed to less heat and a short period of cooking, they preserve more amounts of their nutrients and vitamins. And grilling or microwaving the mushrooms considerably augmented their antioxidant properties, even when they were grilled with a small quantity of oil as compared to when they were fried or boiled.

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What Is An Ideal Method To Store Mushrooms?

Mushrooms can begin to rot very rapidly, and in case they are canned ones, it is best that you stored them in their original can in the refrigerator. And if you purchase some open mushrooms, then it is suggested to store them in a paper bag or a box, without the lid, only covered with a plastic sheet. Make sure to makes some holes to let the air in and securely store it in the fridge.

On the other hand, you can still boost vitamin D among your mushrooms at home very quickly. Please put them in front of your window for only one or two hours to give them an additional punch. And then flip their sides so that their bottom side is exposed to sunlight as well. This is the spot that is most vulnerable to sunlight.

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Mushrooms are for sure a healthy addition to your dietary routine. You can prepare them quite easily, and they offer you tons of nutrients. Not only do they keep your body healthy, but they are great for fighting several diseases and disorders. You should choose the mushrooms carefully, as not every mushroom is edible.




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