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Not only is Sabai Thai Spa known for its signature massages and facials, our spa is also famous for our Ginger Tea! We serve our tea not because it’s super delicious, but because of the benefits it provides to our guests, especially during their spa treatments for optimal relaxation.


Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons, Sabai Thai Spa no longer serves beverages as part of our regular spa experience. But great news! We have made our Ginger Tea available for sale on with a promo of Buy 3 and Get 1 FREE! Still not sure if you should drink Ginger Tea? Unless you’re allergic to Ginger, here are some top 3 benefits and reasons why you should start drinking Ginger Tea today!


Protection Against Heart Diseases

Variety of Ginger Tea Mixture

A study has shown that the consumption of ginger can protect you from heart diseases. Ginger can help with:

Lower blood pressure

Prevent heart attacks

Prevent blood clots

Relieve heartburn

Lower cholesterol

Improves blood circulation


Relieve Stress & Nausea

Meditation in nature

Do you tend to get motion sickness, dizziness, or anxiety? A cup of Ginger Tea can help! An older study found that ginger helped reduce motion sickness. Drink a cup at the first sign of symptom or even prior to your travel plans (if you get motion sickness during commutes) to help reduce and prevent nausea. Ginger also helps with relieving pain and relaxing of the muscles due to its calming properties that help lower stress and tensions.


Helps with Weight and Blood Sugar Control

Setting Weighting tools

Research found that drinking ginger tea (in this case, the ginger powder dissolved in hot water) increased the feeling of fullness and reduced hunger. This, therefore, suggests that ginger tea may be effective in managing obesity. In addition, another research also suggests that ginger may help improve blood sugar control as it helps reduce A1C, insulin, and triglycerides among people with Type 2 diabetes.


Get Your Ginger Tea Today!

Get all of these 3 top benefits that ginger tea provides! Our tea is now available for purchase online. Buy 3 and get 1 FREE when you purchase today!



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