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When you pack your bags and site out to travel, your skincare schedule might not be your top priority. But if you are aware of the scientific facts, you certainly would not want to be your holiday to be a turn-off or leads to sunburn, acne breakout, or skin rashes. That is why it’s pretty essential to find a mid-way to look out for your skin and maintain your look while traveling and on top of that, make sure your skin is healthy even when you are in the air, road, or some nights far from your home.

It is not necessary to have a detailed and complicated skincare regimen while you are traveling. All you require is a little bit of preparation, and this article will guide you so. Before talking about some exciting tips, let us have a look at the ways traveling can affect your skin.

Effects Of Travelling On Your Skin

As you set out on a voyage, your regular skincare routine is neglected to some extent. Your skin is exposed to different climatic and weather conditions and different degrees of pollution, and you will perhaps be eating an assortment of foods too. All of the aspects, when combined, affect your overall well-being and skin when you travel.

The Change In Air

Remember that your skin is likely to break out when it becomes dry and dehydrated. Either you are traveling by airplane, or the area you are flying to has a dry climate that will impact your skin. Besides, many of us tend to drink less water than usual. And this leads to dehydrate our skin more. Moreover, you should always check the weather of that particular area you are going to. In case it is cold, you will come across dry air, eventually making your skin dry. And if the place is warm, it will perhaps be humid, and your skin will get oily and become susceptible to skin comedones.

Change In Your Normal Skin Care Regimen

As it becomes a bit difficult to take care of your skin during traveling, you might not get the time to wash your face correctly during night flights, road journeys, or train trips. Since your skin is not cleaned perfectly, the dead skin cells will start to gather on your skin surface, resulting in breakouts, irritation, and uneven skin color.

Change In Normal Skin Care Items

As you check in a hotel, upon taking a shower, you come across those small skincare items, mostly face wash, shampoo, body lotions, and soaps provided by the hotel. It can be hard to resist using them, but it is essential to remember that these products are not suitable for every skin type and may not be ideal for particular skin issues. Upon using them, it might result in skin aggravation or other problems.

Change In Your Daily Routine

As your wake and sleep cycle becomes disturbed during traveling, you might not get a chance to use your daily skincare products as you do while you are at home.

But it would be best if you did not worry about that. We have good news. We have solutions that will allow you to take care of your skin. There is no need to spend cash on new items just for traveling. All you have to do is squeeze your skincare schedule and only bring the essential products. Let’s dig into how you can do that.

10 Important Beauty And Skin Care Tips To Stick To While Travelling

1. Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen

In case you are traveling to a hot and dry place, you must have packed your sunscreen as it becomes a requirement in such destinations because the closer you move to the equator, the stronger the sun rays become, and it is not long before that sun becomes unbearable. Prolonged exposure to the sun can result in sunburn and other skin problems. Moving over, you might also get exposed to the sun regardless of being thirty thousand feet over the ground. Yes, it’s true. The plane windows do not block all the rays coming from the sun, and in case you get a window seat with long hours of your flight with loads of sunshine, you will be exposed to a lot of UV rays. The higher you move, the rays get more intense accordingly.

To save yourself from getting rashes or sunburn, use sunscreen or products that already have SPF in them. Sunblock can be a bit troublesome to apply, and many people won’t prefer to apply it again once they have done their makeup. It might feel like that it will destroy your makeup. The new advancements have allowed the SPF to be available in a powder texture and are readily available in every market and drug store. It is pretty easy to apply, just like that of reapplying a powder or blush.

Apply Sunscreen

2. Facial Mist Spray Is A Must

Mist spray is something you will regret upon not having it with you. Either you are going on an extended vacation or just a small weekend adventure, never forget to keep your facial spray. It has excellent hydrating properties and will give a refreshed look to your skin throughout your entire trip. Also, upon spraying on your face, it will provide additional moisture. This would be helpful if you are someone with a dry or some skin combination or going to a colder place.

Facial Mist Spray

3. Have Towelettes Or Facial Wipes

In case you are not a fan of a face cleanser or the cleansers provided by the hotel (which you must stay away from), you can carry facial wipes which are pre-moistened or Towelettes used for removing the makeup instantly. Keep them in an air-tight bag, and you can easily use them while traveling, whether you are in a bus, car, in your hotel, or chilling at the beach.

Facial Wipes

4. Do Not Apply Long-Lasting Lipsticks

If you think of applying a long-lasting lipstick that will give color and will remain through your entire trip, it won’t look good. Such lipsticks only make your lips dry and rough. According to the beauty experts, preparing for a trip with a few lip stain layers and a transparent lip gloss will work perfectly fine. You only have to reapply the lip gloss during your trip, and your lips will look ‘just out of the vanity’ fresh.

5. Do Not Touch Your Face Again And Again

As long as you keep your hands off your face, there will be fewer chances of breakouts. You must strictly adhere to this rule when you are traveling. The reason is that your skin might get in contact with infectious bacteria, which can lead to various skin problems. You must wash your hands and use hand sanitizer as well.

6. Say No To Makeup

Whether you have to take that flight or explore some tourist destinations, makeup is a turn-off. Try using a colored moisturizer during traveling, but you should apply SPF and your regular cream to allow your skin to breathe. That is due to the transforming climatic conditions and atmosphere that might cause acne and breakouts.

7. Have A Good Quality Eye Cream

In case you are frequently fighting puffy and swelling eyes, have an under-eye cream. As a substitute, you can also put crushed ice inside a cloth if there is no ice pack available and apply it to your under eyes. Doing so will immediately revive your eyes. You can try the following eyes creams and say goodbye to puffy eyes:

Tata Harper illuminating eye cream

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic eye cream

Baebody Eye Gel

Eye Cream in face

8. Say No To Greasy Hair

To get rid of greasy hair, you have to wash them more than often, but beauty specialist Jayne Polan gifted us with dry shampoo, cleans and refreshes hair, and adds volume. Such hair shampoos are available in different shades to match your hair tone, and it comes in a small, easy to carry container along with a hairbrush.

9. Buy Travel-Friendly Items

Many skincare products come in petite and travel-friendly sizes, and in this way, you are not hindered by all of your products and can easily carry them in your handbag.

10. Do Not Compromise On Your Sleep

Being on a trip calls for less sleep, which will impact your physical health and make your skin vulnerable to different skin conditions. Everyone wants to look perfect in their holiday snaps, and if you’re going to, you must take proper sleep. Apart from enhancing your beauty, it will keep you refreshed throughout your entire trip.

Compromise On Your Sleep


Taking care of your skin must not be neglected as you travel. It is essential to keep it moisturized and refreshed. The above simple hacks can help you maintain a fresh look during your entire trip and call for flawless pictures.




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