Pregnant Woman Eating


Finding that you are pregnant is an energizing and blissful time, loaded up with preparation and hope for the future of your baby. It can likewise be a period occupied with questions and worries — pregnancy prompts numerous adjustments in your body, just as that of your developing baby. With these changes, you must take care of yourself and consult with your doctor to discover what is best for you and your child.

When you are pregnant, you need a more significant amount of different nutrients such as iron, folic acid, protein, and iodine. Also, make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of calcium. Settling on wise food decisions can assist you with having a healthier pregnancy and a healthy child. Now that you have a baby growing inside you, caring for yourself and your baby is more essential than ever as he/she is dependent on you for its wellbeing and health. With the entirety of the progressions happening inside your body, you should primarily focus on staying sound. Take into consideration the following ten tips to follow in the coming nine months.

1. Consume For Two

Ensure that you are taking adequate amounts of calories needed to preserve good body weight. The majority of the women require more than 300 calories each day for a minimum of six months, starting from the fourth one. Make sure that you have a half portion with vegetables and fruits and the remaining half loaded with whole grains while making up your plate. You must consume healthy meals holding nutrients that will help your baby to grow. Go for healthy snacks such as low-fat cheese with whole-grain crackers or fruits with low-fat yogurt. Plus, don’t forget to have your breakfast on time.

Pregnant Woman Eating

2. Stay Away From Unhealthy Drinks

While you are pregnant, you don’t have to cut off soda and caffeine completely but keeping a distance from such beverages is advisable. As sugar and caffeine can wash out the essential nutrients such as calcium before even your body gets to absorb them, it can be harmful to you and your baby as well. So do not consume extra sugar or caffeine and avoid raw meat, sprouts, and even raw milk. The safest is water, either sparkling or plain. You can add some natural flavor by combining a slice of lemon or orange or enjoying a punch of full natural fruit juice made at home only. Many women also have the danger of gestational diabetes, which leads to high blood pressure. That’s the reason a healthy diet, workout, and baby monitoring are essential.

3. Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

As you know, your baby’s neural cord, which later becomes the spinal cord and brain, needs essential nutrients to develop and grow. This happens during the first month, and it is necessary to stock up on prenatal vitamins. Start consuming nutrients like calcium, iron, and folic acid from the beginning of your pregnancy. Get the prenatal vitamins as consulted by your doctor. In case such vitamins make you feel nauseous, you may take them with some light edible or during the night. Taking chewing gum or a toffee afterward can make you feel better.

Prenatal Vitamins

4. See Your Doctor Often

Paying regular and early visits to the doctor will help him/her to examine your and your child’s health. If you have a healthy pregnancy, you will have to see your doctor once a month before the first twenty-eight weeks, then every 14 days among 28-38 weeks, and then pay weekly visits after week 36 until birth. Ask the doctor about your medicines and not take different medications until and unless your doctor has advised you. In case you experience bleeding, fluid discharge from the vagina, sudden swelling, severe headaches, fever, or the thoughts of harming your baby or yourself, or you doubt that your baby’s movement is less after 28 weeks, it is recommended to see your doctor immediately.

5. Workout

Less intense and moderate physical activities like swimming and walking are good choices. Try yoga or Pilates classes or workout apps that are specially made for pregnancy. Such exercises are less intense, and they aim at your relaxation, strength, and flexibility. But make sure that you limit intense aerobics and prevent from doing such sports and workouts which have a chance of falling or might harm your abdomen. Such sports incorporate scuba diving, skiing, and horse riding also.

Working Out Pregnant

6. Say Yes To Your Cravings Sometimes

The majority of the women start to crave unusual foods or some particular foods while they’re pregnant. The craving for ice cream or pickles or other foods may occur due to the nutritional requirements change during these months. The child needs nourishment to grow, and the body of the mother absorbs and processes those nutrients differently in pregnancy. The changes in your body confirm your child’s expected growth and make sure to breastfeed the baby according to how much he requires. Some mothers might desire non-edible items like cornstarch or clay. Such cravings for nonfood things are known as pica, and eating these items is for sure harmful to you and your child. See your doctor in case you have such cravings.

7. Get Proper Sleep

It is essential to get an adequate amount of sleep hours for all the moms-to-be as you will feel more restless and tired than before. As your child starts to grow, it will become troublesome to sleep in a comfortable position. According to some doctors, pregnant ladies should sleep on their left side. As those substantial blood vessels are on your right side of your stomach, lying on the left side creates less pressure and helps in keeping the uterus away from it. Sleeping on your left side will help the blood to flow easily to the placenta and so on to your baby.

Laying Pregnant

8. Be Comfortable

During your pregnancy, your wardrobe should have one thing in common, that is ‘comfort.’ Many ladies during their pregnancy experience foot issues like swollen feet, ankles, and often heel pain as well. While some ladies might feel more nauseous or dizzy, and in such situations, you don’t want your uncomfortable clothing to make things worse. Go for such clothes and shoes which are comfortable and feel light on your body. Doing so your hips and back would thank you!

Prenup of Pregnant Woman

9. Stay Away From Toxic Activities And Substances

As you avoid tobacco, drugs, and alcohol during pregnancy, you shield yourself and your infant from some of the most dangerous heart problems, such as smoking. At the same time, pregnancy can increase the danger of your child’s low weight during birth. It can also lead to cancer, heart conditions, and other severe health issues. So it would be best that you stop smoking before getting pregnant. Also, consuming alcohol in such a condition can lead to developing Fetal Spectrum Disorder. Babies born to such women who consume different drugs like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine are most likely to be born dependent on such substances, and they must experience its removal. They might be born with physical disabilities or behavioral issues.

You must avoid getting exposed to lead, arsenic, mercury, which is often found in fish, pesticides, and solvents while you are pregnant. Also, performing routine house chores can be a little risky during these months. Pregnant women must prevent from changing pet litters to eliminate toxoplasmosis, which is a disease caused by a microscopic parasite. Also, you must avoid lifting heavy objects or climbing on ladders or high stools and don’t even stand for extended periods. It is advisable to avoid going to saunas, hot tubs, which increase your body’s temperature.

10. Getting Ready

Even before you realize it, the last trimester will come to an end. When you have some months before your baby will come, make yourself and your family ready for what is coming next. It is suggested that you make a birth plan which includes things like who you wish to be with you in your delivery, what kind of procedure you want to prevent, unique clothes you want to buy for the baby and yourself, what medications you prefer, and what steps to do in case of any complication. Make yourself aware of different situations you might face while you are with your baby. Taking pregnancy classes is suggested. To get some practice, you can babysit your friend’s or relative’s baby. Also, get aware of postpartum depression to point out any symptoms if you think you have one of them.


Every pregnancy is unique and unforgettable. It is a meaningful yet blissful experience not only for you but for the entire family. From the first to the last week of your pregnancy, you must look after yourself so that you can care for your child later on. Though you have to take some measures and know all the do’s and don’ts that might affect your child, most women say that they have never felt healthier than in their pregnancy.



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