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If you are someone suffering from a disturbing condition of stress and getting out of hands, you are risking your entire health. Stress destroys your emotional balance and, at the same time on your physical wellbeing. It somehow shrinks your capacity to think effectively, function appropriately and makes you unable to enjoy your life. And quite often, it appears that stress is something that cannot be treated. You will have to pay those bills, you won’t get more than 24 hours in a day, and you will always find yourself surrounded by work and family responsibilities. But you have much more potential to control everything.

Managing your stress effectively helps you break down the control of stress in your life, and consequently, it will make you more healthy, happy, and functional. The vital goal is to have a balanced life in all aspects, whether your work, relationships, leisure time, and the flexibility to meet different challenges and function under pressure. There’s no one absolute way of managing stress. You must lookout for ways which suit you the best.

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What Is Exactly Stress?

Stress is when your body responds to any demand or challenge. Every person on this earth is likely to experience stress that can be stimulated by an array of events, from daily life problems to big depressing challenges like losing a job or getting divorced. Response to stress often incorporated physical symptoms like increased blood pressure, heart rate, and anger or fear. We usually consider stress resulting from a negative situation, but it can also be triggered by positive events in your life, such as being promoted or becoming a parent.

How Stress Affects Your Health Negatively?

Numerous side effects can deteriorate your health and can often cause health issues such as:

High blood pressure

Heart diseases

Digestive issues

Lack of sleep

Muscle spasms







Stress can also aggravate previous health issues and result in an unhealthy way of living like irregular eating or sleeping routine.

Managing Stress Through Healthy Ways

An important purpose that stress serves us is to react quickly to threatening situations and prevent us from danger. But, prolonged stress can lead to different mental issues like depression, anxiety and likewise affecting your physical health. Many researchers have found that increased levels of stress hinder the ability to cope with physical diseases. Though it is a little difficult to prevent every sort of stress, you can manage it in healthy ways, which increases your chances of recovery.

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1. Recognize The Factors Which Cause Stress

Knowing the things which cause you to stress can be a great help in managing them. Recognizing the stress triggers in your life can greatly help you prevent possibly stressful circumstances and make you prepared for handling such situations when you can’t run away from them. Take a pause and see closely what is bothering you.

2. Make Yourself Physically Active

Keeping yourself active and regular workouts or any form of physical exertion is vital to keep you healthy. And likewise, it’s an effective and healthy way of managing stress. The CDC suggests that adults must get a minimum of two hours and thirty minutes of moderate exercise and two days of strength training every week.

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3. Have A Balanced Diet

Many people often eliminate stress by excessive drinking or overeating. These things might appear like help in the current situation, but they might increase your stress level in the longer run. Also, more use of caffeine can make the situation of stress much worse. Whereas maintain a balanced and healthy diet can help in fighting stress.

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4. Get Proper Sleep

Getting less sleep is the major factor contributing to stress, and simultaneously sleep is also impacted by stress. Therefore, this creates a repeated brutal cycle. So it would be best if you changed your routine to sleep on time. For instance, ensure that your bedroom is a calm oasis and does not make you remind of such things which cause stress. Also, try not to take caffeine in the evening and an excessive amount of alcohol when you are aware that it will disturb your sleep.

Moreover, stop doing any work which drains your mental energy some hours before sleep and gives your mind some time to relax and calm. Instead of sitting in front of the screen, you can take a hot bath, read a book, or any activity which will make your body relaxed. Also, it would be best if you made a habit of going to bed at the same time every night to make your body and mind used to the same nighttime routine.

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5. Time Management

Often, we feel overwhelmed and overloaded by the list of our daily work and is the most common factor causing stress. It would be best if you learned to accept that it is impossible to do everything at once and prioritize your work and take time for every task. Pen down everything you need to do, make a list in the order of most to least important things. Observe which tasks are needed to be done personally and what things can be assigned to someone else. Also, make sure to perform those things first, which are need to be completed immediately, next week, next month, or whenever you get the time.

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6. Talk To Other People

By talking to your parents, spouse, children, or friends can help reduce stress. Allow them to know that you are doing your very best to eliminate the stress you are dealing with and ask without any hesitation ask for help whenever you need it. They can also help you by recognizing the stressful conditions before you get frustrated with them too. And they can also help you in organizing your routine or hear all your frustrations with open ears.

Be open to taking their help and advice. There can be a possibility that they might have been through the same situation, and their piece of advice can do good to you. And it would be best if you were not hesitant in sharing your feelings with them. In case things are getting out of hand, you can see a psychologist or a therapist help you out. Talking and sharing about a disturbing thing can help you understand it better and prevent it in the coming days.

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7. You Must Know When To Say No

Another cause of your stress can be having too much on your plate but less time to perform it. Nonetheless, still in such a situation, many individuals say yes to taking additional responsibilities. Learning to say ‘no’ to extra or insignificant tasks or demands will help you reduce your stress levels and, consequently, make you more self-confident.

To say ‘no’ you must understand that why it is difficult for you to say so. The majority of the people find it difficult to say no because they are willing to help and appear nice and kind to people. And for some people, it is often anxiety of rejection, conflict, or missing opportunities. Keep in mind that walls of saying ‘no’ are only created by you.

8. Take Out Time To Relax And Have Some Fun

A healthy mind and body need to have some time to have fun and unwind. They are very important in helping you feel happy, which eliminates stress and you are healthy. Looking to do things that you enjoy and make you happy will eventually help you cope with challenging spheres of your life. Things that make you laugh more have numerous positive health benefits for your mind and your body equally.

If you are someone who is working hard and are meticulous, at that point, it can feel pointless to take out time for relaxing and having fun. But, it is important to note that your health is as equally important as your work. It would be best to neglect your mental and physical health in front of more burning tasks and responsibilities.

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9. Get Medical Professional Help

Sometimes you might need a professional to help you get through your stress. Consult your therapist immediately if stress is taking control of your life or experiencing symptoms directly related to stress. Your psychologist or physician will help you out with any of your health or medical requirements.


So people, the next you see yourself stressing out over things, you take a step back and examine the cause to observe that whether you can control that situation or not. Consequently, this will allow you to choose the appropriate strategy to manage stress, whether changing the entire situation or your reaction to it.



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